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What is the difference between Alfresco blind, Patio blind, Cafe blinds and Zip screen?

Nov 18, 2016

Australians love outdoors and their backyards. With temperate weather in most parts of the country, it is a good idea to have a good outdoor blind installed so that you can enjoy your outdoors without interruption.

With many options for outdoor blinds, it may get very confusing over what works best for you and your requirements. Here we discuss the four popular outdoor blinds and what makes each stand out from the other.

Alfresco blind.
If you have an outdoor space along the coast or location which gets very windy, Alfresco blind is ideal for your home. These are one of the strong blinds available in the market. It can stand wind power from 80-100 kph. The alfresco blinds come in different colours and can be custom made to blend or compliment in your outdoors. They make a popular choice because of the low maintenance, strength and durability.

Patio blind.
By installing Patio Blinds, you will be able to protect your outdoor seating area from wind and rain, while still enjoying the lovely view! And if the weather improves, a simple action will allow you to roll up the blinds and enjoy the better weather.

Handy extensions and centre joiners, also available in the range, allow you to easily install several Patio Blinds for larger spaces without having to worry about wind and rain coming through the gaps.

You can zip patio blinds together for longer continuous runs. You may have to join your patio blinds by using a functional wall anchor, which will stop draughts or water coming in along the side of your pane.

Cafe Blinds.
These are usually the clear high-quality PVC blinds which do not block the sun nor the view. It works best for commercial set up as it quickly converts an open space into a covered one protecting the customer from rain or outdoor weather changes. It keeps the flies and mosquitoes away while still getting the perfect window view from your seat. While purchasing, cafe blinds, you need to ensure the quality of the PVC cafe blinds. While the low-quality ones will wither and become hazy or brittle with time, while the good quality blinds will remain maintained for longer.

Zip Screen.
What shades are to your eyes, Zip screens are for your windows. Providing protection from UV, it keeps the glaring sunlight out and lets the cool breeze in. The zip blinds are installed using stainless steel hardware and aluminium tubing and can be motorised for rolling. As there are no straps, ropes, pulleys and no stitching, it gives a very neat look to the wall it is installed in.

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