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Outdoor blinds: The rundown

Jun 9, 2016

Owning a large, covered outdoor area for special gatherings, parties, or simply just to relax and enjoy the outside atmosphere is a luxury in itself. The possibilities for enjoying spaces such as these are endless, and often add a great deal of value to your property, both monetarily and flexibility wise. Such is the desire to maximise the comfort and enjoyment levels of spaces such as these that there are many types of products designed to do just that.

Introducing outdoor blinds; a durable, attractive way to allow you to enjoy areas such as this in total comfort and style. Outdoor blinds are traditionally a taut mesh, similar to that of interior roller blinds, that are easy to use, and are built to withstand almost all aspects of the weather extremities. Outdoor blinds offer much more than this, though, and we’ll be going through all of their many benefits below in this walkthrough guide on why they’re worth their investment twice-over.

Enjoy the great outdoors, without the nasties

There is nothing quite like relaxing on the verandah during the Australian summer. It’s a shame about the insects, though, and we’ve been coming up with innovative ways to keep moths and mosquitoes away for many years. Outdoor blinds effectively stop insects in their tracks, and their zip-down interlocking system makes sure that there are no gaps where the little critters can make their way in.

The mesh used for outdoor blinds can be made to be see through, too, so don’t worry about having your views inhibited to keep away flying pests.

Will add distinction and attention to your designated outdoor areas

One great thing about outdoor blinds is how striking they are. They can literally set apart the area where they are fitted from the rest of the back or front yard, and as such are a great way to highlight these areas if you so choose. They can also draw attention to their immediate location, and as such can be useful to highlight a nearby swimming pool or other area of interest, if you have the luxury of owning such a space.

Creating the idea of extra interior space

The trend in the housing market is pointing towards larger houses, if only for the added convenience that comes with having extra space. For those that don’t have this luxury, the addition of outdoor blinds can create the illusion of having an extra room, albeit one that is flexible enough to also turn into a designated outdoor gathering area.

Take this image, for example, as how any outdoor area can suggest that it is actually an interior area. This is great for those who are looking for an additional dining space, an area for recreation, or simply for use as a sitting or relaxing room.

At Infinity Blinds, we’ll be able to provide you with the very best in outdoor blinds that you can possibly find. With plenty of colours and styles to choose from, as well as our expert fitting and installation procedure, we’ll be able to give your special outdoor areas that distinctive and practical edge. Get in touch with us today for a free measure and quote, wherever you are in Melbourne, by calling (03) 9338 0574.

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